Monday, September 14, 2009

Secret IMA Installation

I volunteered to work the 48hr Film festival back in August. I basically sat and held $4000 in $20's and arm wrestled Shauta for a bit, then it occurred to me: I'm in the IMA, Unsupervised, and I'm an artist. QUICK do something cool!

This is what I did.

I took these informational pink fliers for a movie about Andy Warhol and made little dwellings out of them. I've looked at enough Tara Donavan work (Thanks Shannon) that I knew a lot of these would look awesome.

And they did. They were subtle enough that people missed them, but the ones who stopped to view were filled with joy watching other people walk by them. Because of their location to the ground, the little dwellings would wobble and jiggle to the beat of people marching by. One particular person tried to destroy the piece by running past it as fast as they could to create a strong gust of wind, but it was useless. My structures made of nothing but paper withstood his attacks and kept dancing.

Best IMA installation to date? Who knows, but I'm totally writing this on my resume.

The State of Things.

Pretty Good.

Big Car Collage Show.

On August 20something we had a collage party at big car gallery. We brought in Beer, Food, and a ton of collage materials. You Supply the talent. In a period of 3 hours, i made 4 pieces. Mostly minimalist collages, but that's the mood I was in. Less is more.

And Finally, I stopped taking Ceramic classes cause I felt making pots was becoming boring and It really wasn't me. Then I made this without hesitation.

A Classic Pot, only made out of a ticket roll. And People loved it.