Friday, June 5, 2009

Collaboration: A Protest of Sorts

My friend Justin Came up with the idea of making these clay fliers, much like the ones you would get at a protest, but instead of putting text about something you don't care about he left them blank so they are up for your interpretation. After he got done making these objects he need a way to display them. The gallery wasn't a great space for this piece, so after some conversation we came up with the idea of installing the piece on the War memorial here in town. Many people have protests at that spot, so why not us. We showed up with 3 boxes of clay paper and 2 cameras and simply put the paper where people weren't sitting creating this sort of zigzag line that goes through the crowd, and more importantly, getting them to question what we were doing.

We were going strong for a good 10 minutes until we were stopped by the Capitol Police and told to stop or we were going downtown. We were already downtown, but that's not the point. We were only 6 steps from the top. We didn't have the interaction we wanted. In the end the piece felt incomplete. It'll get done one day though....

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