Monday, August 24, 2009

Haven't Done this in a While.

It's been a while since I last posted, so here's the low down.

1. I'm part of Big Car's Collective now, so my job is to make the greater Indianapolis area a better place with art. They even put my picture on the website.

Click collective, then scroll down. I think I'm 2nd from the bottom. Either way, I actually feel like a professional artist seeing my picture on a website.

2. Bench is on hold for a while... at least till I get my other project done. Riley hasn't broken ground on the children's park and it doesn't look like they will until the spring. Blessing in disguise? jury's out on that one.

3. One of my sculptures for the property is standing. I wasn't as intimidated by it until it went in the air. Right now it towers at a monsterous 22 feet and is balanced enough that it's not going to fall over any time soon.

4. I smashed my hand pretty good the other day. No bruising, but can't feel my pinkie. Took 2 salt tablets and walked it off.

5. School starts wednesday. I'm pretty excited about my victory lap. Some of the other kids think I'm a living legend there at Herron. I'd hate to break it to them, but if you tickle me, i will laugh.

6. School starting means grad school stuff is coming up soon, meaning in one year, I'm moving somewhere where people don't know me. I think I'll go by last name in the new place.

7. Somewhere in the SEC is prob. where I'll end up. I'd love to go home to Tennessee and be a Volunteer, but then i'm that guy trying to recapture his childhood by moving back his hometown. If I'm doing that I might as well get my mom's uterus certified and go to grad school there. it'll be tough getting a welder in there, but it'll do.


Sep. 12th. Rev. Peyton and his Big Damn Band play at Upland Brewery. Hopefully I can get this girl I have the cutsies for to come with me. Either way, I can't wait.

Ps. Anna. It's not her.


AKA said...

i love the shout out as well as the idea to go by your last name. I would like to do that, too, and hey, since I don't have any friends yet, I might as well.

Isaac said...

salt tablets make the hurt stop.