Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ant Hill Bench, Ants!

Now the most important part of the anthill would be the ants. I had always planned on the ants, but the more I made the ants to go on the bench, the scarier they got. Ants should already be cute by proportion. They have big heads and big eyes, if you apply that proportion to anything else it automatically becomes the cutest thing ever.

Because this bench is going to kids, I decided to call in the big guns on this one. One of my great friends, Anna, happens to be the expert on cuteness. If you need something cute just take a look at her latest series of bowls. In one she has a Panda playing a tiny drumkit, in another she has a a hummingbird trying to play SNES, and my personal favorite, she painted a bear in a spacesuit. Amazing stuff, but I figured if I wanted cute ants, I had to get her to make them.

I got the cutest ants ever. From here, I'm making rubber molds of them and casting them in bronze. Then I'll take the bronze ants and bolt them into the bench.

But if I hadn't said it enough, the kids are going to love these ants.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing ants, Anna! This bench is going to look fantastic.