Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ant Hill Bench

This winter I was commissioned to make a themed bench for Riley Children's Hospital's new playground. The theme for the park was "cute and cuddly forest", an atheistic that not only have I not ventured into, but wasn't sure how to approach. After looking at the initial layout of the park, I noticed that there was no anthill in this forest. There was a giant tree and all sorts of cute bugs, but no ants/ anthill. Growing up in Tennessee I can remember there being this giant anthill that my friends and I used to ramp our bikes of, so using my childhood memories I found a connection to the park.

My bench is made from ceramic, steel, and teak. The big plan is that on the cutaway on the bench, you will be able to look inside and check out these ants that are on the inside of the bench.

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